Ocean Lifeline Mural at School by the Sea

The Art of Coral Gardening

#ocean #savecoral #coral #conservation #diver #volunteers http://www.oceanlifeline.org/2017/the-art-of-coral-gardeninghttps://vimeo.com/218817028

World Oceans Day 2012

Join us on Friday, June 8, 2012 from 6pm – 11pm at The Allegra LaViola Gallery.

Ocean Lifeline Preview Apr05

Ocean Lifeline Preview

Featuring (in order of appearance:) Haleaka Iolani Pule – 44th Generation Hawaiian Temple Guardian Kaitlin Gaab – Scuba Instructor Dr. Misaki Takabayashi – Associate Professor of Marine Science, UH Hilo Dr. Jason Turner – Director, Hawaii Cetacean Rehabilitation Facility Faith Jones – Entrepreneur Conservationist Linda Preskitt – Algal Biologist Cecil Boyd – Engineer Caitlin Kryss – Research Assistant, UH Hilo Yarden Davis – Dive Master, Kona Diving Company Charlie Wan – Photographer James L. Wing – Presidient, Dolphin Dreams Images Cynthia C. Carvajal – Founder, Ocean Lifeline Produced by Ocean Lifeline and Dawn...

Plastic Beach Documentary Jan20

Plastic Beach Documentary

Plastic Beach OLL Documentary, a Dawn Of Man Production

Ocean Projections Jan20

Ocean Projections

Ocean Projections by Dawn Of Man

The Challenges of being a Sea Turtle Oct24

The Challenges of be...

By: Yamid Velasquez Imagine being a sea turtle, such as a Loggerhead or a Kemp’s Ridley, and swimming upwards for a breath of air, when all of a sudden- BOOM!-you’ve been struck by a fisherman’s boat. Unfortunately, this is the fate of many sea turtles. The outcome can be fatal, or...

Save Our Sharks!  Art Benefit Sep12

Save Our Sharks! Ar...

On September 15, 2011 Ocean Lifeline in conjunction with The Keeley Gallery, will host an art benefit to help raise awareness of the shark finning epidemic. More than 73 million sharks are killed each year to have their fins cut off for the sole purpose of serving Shark Fin Soup. As many as...

Dolphin Captivity May25

Dolphin Captivity

An aquarium dolphin leaps out of its tank in a seemingly desperate attempt to escape captivity. The captivity industry is responsible for making dolphins and whales into money-making commodities, and it contributes to the sense that these animals are here to be controlled by us. Even more...

Save Bluefin Tuna May25

Save Bluefin Tuna

Ninety percent of the ocean’s large predators, including tuna, have disappeared due to overfishing. And most canned tuna, even dolphin-free brands, is caught using destructive practices. Tuna also has high levels of mercury. Because of its popularity, it is the biggest source of the toxin in humans. BlueFins Role in the Ocean Food Chain BlueFin are slow growing, late to mature, and long-lived compared to other species of tuna. Found from the Gulf of Mexico, Newfoundland, east Atlantic, Canary Islands, Iceland, and even in the Mediterranean, they migrate long distances – likely following seasonal food stock. Their long...

Stop Shark Finning! May25

Stop Shark Finning!

Shark finning is the act in which a fisherman cuts off the fins of a shark and throws the still living shark back to sea to die a cruel and painful death. Fins make up less than 3-5 percent of a sharks’ total mass, the other 95 percent is either thrown back in the ocean or used as a cheap...

Drink Plastic? May25

Drink Plastic?

The majority of products purchased worldwide come in an (un)avoidable plastic wrapper. Plastic serves as one of the leading materials in worldwide consumption, with continually growing amounts produced, “consumed” and wasted each year. Eventually a portion of this waste finds its ways to our beaches, and waterways, which pollutes our oceans and kills marine life in various ways. This leads to marine health issues, contamination of the food chain, and ultimately negative impacts on our global water sources in ways that may soon be irrevocable. The plastic crisis in our oceans is global. Plastic finding its way into the ocean has...

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