Ocean Lifeline Preview Apr05


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Ocean Lifeline Preview

Featuring (in order of appearance:)

Haleaka Iolani Pule – 44th Generation Hawaiian Temple Guardian
Kaitlin Gaab – Scuba Instructor
Dr. Misaki Takabayashi – Associate Professor of Marine Science, UH Hilo
Dr. Jason Turner – Director, Hawaii Cetacean Rehabilitation Facility
Faith Jones – Entrepreneur Conservationist
Linda Preskitt – Algal Biologist
Cecil Boyd – Engineer
Caitlin Kryss – Research Assistant, UH Hilo
Yarden Davis – Dive Master, Kona Diving Company
Charlie Wan – Photographer
James L. Wing – Presidient, Dolphin Dreams Images
Cynthia C. Carvajal – Founder, Ocean Lifeline

Produced by Ocean Lifeline and Dawn of Man Productions
Cinematography and Montage by Max Coyote Nova
Additional Underwater Cinematography by Yarden and Jonathan Davis – photokona.com

Music: “My Love” by Blackmill