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About OLL

Ocean Lifeline is a progressive not for profit organization consisting of a team of marine conservationists, film makers, underwater videographers, photographers and educators. Ocean Lifeline Inc. was awarded the gold seal of approval from the New York State Education Department. What makes OLL unique is our ability to communicate current ocean affairs through powerful imagery: projections, photography and video. The ocean’s lifeline is our lifeline. Protect the future!

The OLL Team

Cynthia Carvajal

Originally from a small mountain town in Colorado, Cynthia relocated to San Diego to be closer to the ocean after completing her degree in Behavioral Sciences. After 4 years working for a non-profit theatrical organization, Cynthia decided to shift gears and move to New York.  She traveled internationally as a performance artist and came full circle back to the oceans after a life changing experience swimming with wild dolphins in Key West, Florida. “Making eye contact with a dolphin swimming 4 feet away from me, shifted my awareness. I realized we can also coexist harmoniously with our environment.” After that moment, she realized that one of her life missions was to protect whales, dolphins and marine-life from human harm. This experience prompted the creation and vision for Ocean Lifeline. A few months later, Cynthia relocated to the big island of Hawaii to film dolphins, manta rays and the plastic beach. The production was supported by the organization, New York Women in Film and Television as the Fiscal Sponsor. “People living in big cities such as New York live a fast paced lifestyle” Cynthia says. “Many of us do not even encounter nature at all on some days. The OLL projections and videos remind us that we are still very much connected and a part of the oceans.”

Heather Riedel

HeatherRiedelHeather grew up as a beach kid on the jersey shore and saw first hand the beauty and the bounty the ocean can deliver, as well as the pollution and debris that washes ashore. “The ocean represents our planet’s largest habitat, supporting 50% of all species on earth and 50% of the oxygen we breathe.”
After graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in Economics and Religion, Heather took another path and followed her passion for fashion. She worked at Burberry in Manhattan for two years until she traded the desk for a plane ticket to Hawaii and didn’t look back…at least for a while. Spending time with marine life in the oceans deepened her respect for the sea and increased her ambition to become environmentally active in large metropolis cities. Her mission is to keep the “aloha” spirit alive in urban jungles such as New York.

Max Coyote Nova

Max Coyote Nova was born in Boulder, Colorado. He graduated with a B.A. in Film Production from New York University and has been directing and producing films in New York since. His short film, “The Shaman’s Apprentice,” screened at festivals across the country and won best short film at the Castle Rock and Estes Park Film Festivals. Max currently runs Dawn of Man Productions, a multi-media production company based in Brooklyn. His projection art is being featured in galleries in New York and Los Angeles such as MOMA and PhotoLA.

Yarden Davis

 Jorden Davis was born in Jerusalem, Israel. She currently lives in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii with her husband, Jonathan Davis. Jorden is a professional underwater videographer and dive master. She has traveled all around the world, filming and photographing dolphins, manta rays, coral reefs and exotic fish. Having over 2,000 dives under her belt, she is very passionate about sharing her knowledge of the oceans as a dive master. The underwater footage in the OLL projections and video, is filmed by Yarden Davis.

Yamid Velasquez

Yamid Velasquez is a graduate from the University of Colorado- Boulder, with a degree in Environmental Science specializing in water chemistry, and is using her skills to better the world. She has been involved with Village Makeover, Rwanda, since 2008,and has designed a rain water capturing system for a school in Cyanika. On her last trip, she worked on projects, and she was able to speak to the ambassador of Cyanika, and received permission to sample waters. She looks forward to going back in May 2011. Testing waters from Africa, to her very own backyard, the rivers of the Rocky Mountains, she has found that pollutants in our waters have affected the planets condition. When waters are polluted, they all trickle down to groundwater, rivers, and lead back to oceans, harming humans and ocean life. She feels there is much to do about this, and is honored and excited to be on the Board of Directors, because she feels the public should know more about the dangers, and affects on ocean life.

Michelle Rusin

Michelle Rusin resides in Key Largo, Florida and is an expert in education in conservation of coral reef and marine life biodiversity. She is also an expert diver and gives regular snorkeling and diving tours as a spokesperson advocating coral reef preservation. Michelle understands the complexity of maintaining the homeostasis of coral reef ecosystems after diving in and setting up salt-water tanks in Denver, Colorado. She is an animal lover at heart and has become witness to how human carelessness (such as the Gulf of Mexico oil spill) has detrimental effects on marine-life and coral reefs. Michelle has volunteered her time to educate the public on the dangers of human destruction on fragile coral reef ecosystems. Michelle recently volunteered to help rescue a pilot whale in Florida.